20 Trendy Gen Z Slangs That’ll Keep Millennials in the Loop!

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Living in this social media world, we have been introduced to new trends quite rapidly. Be it emojis or hashtags, the new language is definitely making its way around the GenZs. Here are some terms which you can at least be aware of while having a “convo” with a Genz. Or else, you certainly might feel a bit of FOMO.

  1. Yeet – To throw or move something with force and enthusiasm.
  2. Lit – Something exciting, cool, or fun.
  3. FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, the feeling of not wanting to miss out on an event or experience.
  4. Sus – Short for “suspicious,” used to describe something or someone questionable.
  5. Salty – Being upset or annoyed, often in response to something minor.
  6. Gucci – A slang term for “good” or “cool.”
  7. Snacc – Refers to someone who looks attractive or appealing.
  8. No cap – Short for “no lie” or “no exaggeration.”
  9. Stan – A combination of “stalker” and “fan,” used to describe someone who is an extremely devoted fan of a celebrity or brand.
  10. Bae – A term of endearment for one’s significant other, short for “before anyone else.”
  11. Mood – Used to express a relatable feeling or emotion.
  12. Slay – To do something exceptionally well or look fabulous.
  13. IRL – In Real Life, referring to actions or events that happen offline or outside of the digital world.
  14. Ship – Short for “relationship,” used to support or endorse a romantic pairing of two people or characters.
  15. Ghost – To suddenly stop responding to messages and disappear from communication with no explanation.
  16. TBT – Throwback Thursday, a social media trend where people post old photos or memories on Thursdays.
  17. OTP – One True Pairing, refers to a person’s favorite romantic pairing in a book, TV show, or movie.
  18. JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out, the pleasure derived from staying in and not participating in social events.
  19. Woke – Being socially and politically aware or conscious.
  20. IRL – In Real Life, referring to actions or events that happen offline or outside of the digital world.

    How many did you know? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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