Famous Konark Wheel Shines at the G20 Summit: A Glorious Fusion of Heritage and Global Leadership!

konark wheel
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India, known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, has been a melting pot of diverse traditions and architectural marvels. One such iconic symbol of India’s cultural opulence is the Konark Wheel, an extraordinary piece of art that has captivated the world for centuries. This magnificent sculpture, rooted in Hindu culture and history, played a pivotal role in showcasing India’s heritage during the G20 Summit held in India, where world leaders were welcomed against the display of this incredible masterpiece.

The Konark Wheel: A Timeless Wonder

The Konark Wheel, also known as the “Sun Temple Wheel” or “Surya Chakra,” is an intricately carved stone sculpture situated in the town of Konark, in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. This colossal structure stands as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and architectural prowess of ancient India. The wheel, with its 24 spokes, symbolizes the 24 hours in a day, emphasizing the importance of time in human life as per Hindu mythology.

Historical Significance

The Konark Wheel is an integral part of the Konark Sun Temple, dedicated to the Hindu sun god, Surya. Built-in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty, this temple represents the pinnacle of Odishan architecture during the medieval period. The temple, designed in the form of a grand chariot, is replete with intricate carvings and sculptures that narrate stories from Hindu mythology, astronomy, and daily life during that era.

Architectural Marvel

The wheel itself is an architectural marvel. Standing at a towering height of 9 feet, the wheel is intricately designed with remarkable precision. Each spoke of the wheel is adorned with symbolic motifs and patterns, depicting various aspects of Hindu cosmology and philosophy. The wheel’s central hub contains a figure of Surya, the sun god, riding his chariot drawn by seven horses, symbolizing the seven days of the week.

The Konark Wheel, with its meticulous detailing and symbolism, has left historians and archaeologists marveling at the skill of the craftsmen who created it. It stands as a testament to the grandeur and artistic excellence of ancient India.

Spiritual and Cultural Significance

The Konark Wheel holds immense spiritual significance in Hinduism. It represents the cosmic cycle of time, the eternal dance of creation and destruction. According to Hindu beliefs, the wheel is a divine instrument used by Lord Krishna to slay the demon Kansa, emphasizing the triumph of good over evil.

Moreover, the Sun Temple in Konark, where the wheel is situated, is considered a place of great religious importance. Devotees and tourists alike visit this temple to seek blessings and admire the architectural brilliance of the site. The temple complex also hosts the annual Konark Dance Festival, showcasing classical dance forms of India against the backdrop of the Sun Temple, further promoting India’s cultural heritage.

G20 Summit in India: Showcasing Heritage

In a historic moment during the G20 Summit held in India, the Konark Wheel was chosen as the background for welcoming world leaders from across the globe. This decision was a testament to India’s commitment to preserving and promoting its rich heritage and culture on the global stage.

As world leaders gathered in the shadow of this iconic masterpiece, they were not only welcomed with traditional Indian hospitality but also given a glimpse of India’s glorious past. The Konark Wheel served as a symbol of India’s cultural diversity, spiritual richness, and its ability to harmoniously blend tradition with modernity.


The Konark Wheel stands as an embodiment of India’s rich history and heritage. Its intricate carvings, spiritual significance, and architectural brilliance make it a treasure trove of knowledge and art. When world leaders were welcomed against the backdrop of this magnificent sculpture during the G20 Summit in India, it was a momentous occasion that showcased India’s commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural legacy on the global stage. As the Konark Wheel continues to stand tall and inspire awe, it reminds us of the enduring power of art and culture to connect people across time and borders, transcending mere stone and mortar to touch the very essence of our shared humanity.


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